Corporate and Social Responsibility


We believe in Better work, better life

Adecco believes that:

Work gives people dignity and a sense of community and belonging.
Work drives local and global economies.
Work is a key factor in contributing to the well-being of society at large.

As the world's largest HR services group, employing millions of people every year, we are conscious of our global role in helping to shape the workplace for the better. It is our corporate social responsibility to support a better work, better life for all those we do business with. 

addressing global challenges
Globalisation, increasing mobility, accelerating development of new technologies and changing demographics represent both bigger opportunities and bigger challenges in the labour market.

We are committed to ensuring that the evolving labour market encourages inclusive social integration and provides opportunities for individual development.

Corporate responsibility is not just about what we do, but how we do it. We aim to achieve sustainable success in all our business objectives and this means optimising our positive contribution to all stakeholders.

An integrated, principled approach is the key. This centres on:

•Compliance: ensuring we always comply with local legislation and international rules in our daily business
•Excellence: meeting or exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations
•Improvement: monitoring our sustainable development on the basis of key performance indicators and taking our performance to the next level
•Transparency: disclosing factual sustainability reports, reporting on progress and fostering open dialogue with stakeholders a sustainable future.

As the world leader in our industry, we endeavour to meet labour market challenges and ensure a sustainable future in a global workplace. We concentrate on three areas of activity where we can make a difference:


Temporary workers have an equal right to safety in the workplace as permanent employees.

Recognising the risks our colleagues are exposed to entering unfamiliar workplaces, the Adecco Group meets all statutory health and safety obligations with frequent initiatives.


The acquisition of transferable skills provides the best route to employment. Temporary assignments offer workers the advantage of gaining experience and skills through a variety of roles and circumstances.

Adecco offers a variety of training programmes around the world to help develop workers’ full potential.


The Adecco Group strives to be a champion of equal employment opportunities and engage a wide array of initiatives. We are a proud member of the EOWW (Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace) and consider this essential to uphold our values.

We seek to assist labour market minorities, the long-term unemployed, the socially and physically disadvantaged, and the mature workforce to conquer any barriers they might face entering the workforce.

To support this, our Employment Services department deliver recruitment programs such as pre-employment training, apprenticeships and diversity recruitment.

Adecco places value on enabling people to fulfil their potential, and we believe in the benefits of providing our clients with a diverse and multitalented workforce.