Corporate Real Estate Solutions
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Employees and real estate are usually the two biggest costs and assets in any business. While Adecco have been historically creating best in class HR-Solutions, now we are also able to support our Clients’ corporate real estate needs. Such a synergy allows us to address any transformations of our Clients’ business – whether growth, entry in a new market or downsizing – by providing integrated and tailored solutions.

Corporate Real Estate Solutions is a new business line within Adecco Group Russia that has been created to help optimizing occupiers’ real estate costs whether office, retail or warehouse. Our core focus is to ensure our Clients pay less regardless of location and size of each property or their total number in the portfolio and regardless of transaction type.

Corporate Real Estate Solutions Team comprises professionals from the commercial real estate sector with nationwide expertise capable to help our Clients not only in Moscow, but anywhere in Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Murmansk to Sochi by providing services including but not limited to:

  • Advisory and transaction management in any part of Russia:
    • Search and new lease acquisition / acquisition of premises of any type, portfolio expansion
    • Existing lease optimization (on a single lease or portfolio level)
    • Downsizing and early termination
    • Disposal or lease of assets owned by Client
  • Research and benchmarking
  • Facility management
  • Change management – jointly with Lee Hecht Harrison.

All of the above can be provided in form of classic service or in form of outsourcing. In addition, changes to  your real estate can be supported with HR-solutions: for example, when our Clients enter in a new region we will not only find and secure the most suitable office, but also recruit staff to work in the premises or even allocate our own employees.

Powered by Adecco in Russia, Corporate Real Estate Solutions have an unrivalled access to resources in any part of the country. With a headcount in Russia of over 4,000 people we are able to train and dedicate as many employees to work on portfolios of any size as needed.

When tenants engage us to lead negotiations on their behalf with their landlords they don’t make an investment with an uncertain future. They just don’t pay unless we earn for them. Our benchmarking to identify rent reduction opportunities is free of charge, our fee is success based and represents a reasonable percentage of the savings we achieve for our Clients. They enjoy the best possible outcome by definition: our success is tied to their success.